ESG statement

PRETA is fully committed to continuously improving its overall performance in relation to sustainability and its societal impact. In this sense, it has embedded Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) values into its corporate policies by setting guidelines for its Board, employees and providers in relation to their behaviour and actions, in line with the expectations of its stakeholders.

PRETA and its fellow entities, EBA CLEARING and EBA began in 2020 the process of implementing a comprehensive policy and framework to manage its environmental impact, in a phased approach, which is now embedded across the Company through its decision-making processes and long-term strategic planning.

In 2020, a task force was created with the mission of designing a framework around environmental protection and climate change efforts inspired by the ISO 14005 standard.

In 2021, it was decided to create the Green Steering Group, a permanent group tasked with actively supporting the management and implementation of its framework around environmental protection and climate change prevention.

In 2022, the Green Steering Group evolved into an Environmental, Social and Governance Steering Group, to support the management and implementation of not only environmental but also social considerations.

On the Environmental area, PRETA strives to lower its carbon footprint in connection with the organisation of its large-scale conferences and educational events. These enable the delegates to hold multiple meetings and reduce the number of travels. In addition, the venues are selected according to their sustainable commitment, the packaging is reduced and recycled, when possible, the use of paper is diminished through the digitalisation of the
brochures, programmes and delegate access badges, and the food left from the events is being donated to local charities.

PRETA undertakes on an ongoing basis several activities under the umbrella of “Social.” These include the implementation of a number of policies to ensure compliance of the Company and its staff with all labour, data protection, anti-bribery, anti-corruption, health and safety and competition laws applicable to its operations. The Company also maintains a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which sets out the high-level standards of ethics and conduct required from all who work for and/or represent PRETA.

In line with its Competition Law Compliance Policy, the PRETA provides competition law guidance to its members when carrying out or participating in PRETA activities and events; to all PRETA officers and employees when they interact during meetings, conference calls and any other contacts with any independent third party; and to its Board Members when acting on behalf of the PRETA.